3 Websites created in plots of TV Series

SAVE WALTER WHITE | From the TV Series Breaking Bad

Junior; son of Walter White, who in the beginning of the series was discovered to have cancer, launches a Website in order to raise money for his father medical bills.

What a wonderful dad I have,
But he is in trouble.
It’s Lung Cancer.

He needs an operation. Now!
To help, please send your contribution

to our operation fund
and keep my Dad in your prayers!

Better Call Saul! | From the TV Series Breaking Bad

This is the Website created for Saul Goodman, another character in Breaking Bad. He is a shady lawyer who advertises to get customers.


Live Saul Cam

Security Cameras Videos in Saul Goodman’s Office.

WUPHF.com | From the Tv Series The Office

Story behind that chapter | The Office S07 E09

Michael and Ryan take center stage as Michael is an enthusiastic supporter of Ryan’s Internet company, WUPHF.com (introduced in “The Whistleblower” as a cross-portal messaging system), and has gotten Darryl, Stanley, Andy and Pam (who knows Ryan is sketchy, but considers WUPHF a great idea) to put in funding, though he is by far the largest shareholder. While Ryan touts a planned “investors ski weekend”, Michael learns that there is already an offer to buy out WUPHF.com and Ryan only has nine days of funding left before his venture collapses.

To visit WUPHF.com click here
To visit SAVEWALTERWHITE.com click here
To visit BetterCallSaul.com click here


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