Best Auto Tuned Remix Songs EVER! | Top 79

This started ages ago when a friend showed me the first video you're about to see "Bed Intruder Original Remix". After that we found a huge amount of auto tuned remix songs from news reports, etc. We even arrived to LATIN AMERICAN AUTO TUNED VIDEOS, those I believe are the best!. In the last pages you'll find the most bizarre Latin American Autotune Remixes Videos EVER!!. Here's a quick list of the autoned remixes: Best Cry EVER! AutoTune Remix, Bed Intruder Song, Sweet Brown AutoTune Remix. And the Latin American Remixes: Ricardo Iorio AutoTuned , Trambólico Auto Tuned Remix, SOY TU PADRE! AutoTuned Remix.

The Michael Jackson Crap

He's back!. I can see him dancing... it's beautifull!

Korn Lovin’

Some korn lovin' right here...

This is from Uranus

I can't believe that came from Uranus.

Yellow Submarine Poo

We all crap little yellow Submarine's!

The Constipated Poo

What an amazing struggle...

The Ethernal Poo

Yes, I can see Ethernity in that Poo...

The most amazing Bon Jovi Tattoo in the Universe | Epic FAIL!

This is just amazing…