Best Halloween Costumes EVER!

Some of the Best Halloween Costumes EVER SEEN!

The Wild Bus | Worst Fail EVER!

- Tour Guide: to your left you'll see a wild bus drinking from the stream of Mnemosyne River.

Funny Goats

Goats playing with flexible steel ribbon and Bizarre Country Man Goats Fanatics. It's a weir, kind of bizarre human behavior... country man Goats Fanatics sharing their passion over Goats in youtube with dramatic folk music. ¬°Amazing!

I’ve got my eyes on you… | Best Vines!

One of the top Best Vines. Absolute FOOD PORN...

Ryan Goslin won’t eat his soop

Ryan Goslin won't eat his soop (Vine Compilation) | Best Vines

Win | Epic Fail

Winners Epic Fail

Kid Singing | Epic Fail

The Next Generation | Kid Singing Epic Fail

The Avocado Hand | Epic FAIL!

This is just amazing... I like to call it: "The Avocado Hand"